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WELCOME! My name is Bob Fritchie. I would like to personally invite you to explore our website. We are a non profit holistic wellness teaching company. We teach people how to apply Divine Love healing energy to achieve spiritual, mental and physical wellness. If you want to receive advanced information on our upcoming events take a few moments to enroll with us. Click the START HERE button to the left and provide your name and email. Your name is secure in our database.

FOR SOLID EVIDENCE THAT OUR PROCESS WORKS, read actual accounts written by the people involved.

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Our new book, BEING AT ONE WITH THE DIVINE, SELF-HEALING WITH DIVINE LOVE, is now available!  It is a very powerful and much simplified healing system that uses just two Petitions for everything that you need to do to achieve improvements in your life. The book is the foundation for our 2014 webinars. Click BEING for details.

You will want to listen to the Feb. 19, 2014 radio interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup wherein we discussed how to be successful with the At Oneness Healing System. Click
listen now to access the .mp3 braodcast. This material is copyrighted by Dr. Northrup and HayHouse Radio. They have given permission for you to listen to the broadcast but you may not copy or save it.

NEW WEBINAR FORMAT: Maybe you never thought about it before, but spiritual healing is in the same category as surgery. I bet you wouldn't consider having surgery without following your doctor's pre and post operative instructions since you know that it is vital that you be fully prepared before you begin. Similarly, we strongly suggest that you prepare for our webinars by clicking BACKGROUND to download a PDF of the key points in our webinars. Open the PDF with a free Acrobat Reader, save to your computer, and STUDY the document BEFORE registering for a webinar. IT IS VITAL FOR YOUR HEALING THAT YOU TAKE THIS PREPARATION SERIOUSLY. However, if you do not choose to prepare before the webinar, or are late for the webinar, please understand that you will be disappointed and gain little of value because the webinar assumes that you are fully prepared and want to become well.

WEBINAR SCHEDULES: Click WEBINARS here to see current webinars.  We upgrade webinar announcements monthly, so be sure to return here for the latest information.


1. The HEALING YOURSELF FROM WITHIN WEBINAR featuring the 2014 AT ONENESS HEALING SYSTEM described in the book Being at One with the Divine.

2. The FREE HEALING PROGRAM (FHP).  A self-explanatory healing system for those unable to attend the advanced healing webinars.

A. First, let me tell you about our amazing HEALING YOURSELF FROM WITHIN WEBINARS utilized for INDIVIDUAL SELF-HEALING where you can achieve healing by yourself.  Listen to the Jan. 9, 2013 radio interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup by clicking the RADIO INTERVIEW button to the left and then selecting Listen now> stream.  When finished with the  interview, go back to WEBINAR SCHEDULES and click where directed for the cost, schedule and description for our upcoming webinars.

B. If you prefer group work and want to hear more about our FREE HEALING PROGRAM (FHP), listen to a radio interview with Cheryl Richardson by clicking the RADIO INTERVIEW tab and selecting that interview.  We provide our non webinar FHP so that people who prefer local healing support can connect to a support group should they choose to do so.  You can participate in the FHP from wherever you are located.  When finished with the interview, click the DL Free Healing Program button to the left and follow instructions for use.

C. Our teachings are documented in our healing books found by clicking the BOOKS and ARTICLES tab to the left of this page.  We suggest that you start with the highly acclaimed book, Surviving Chaos: Healing With Divine Love followed by Apply Your Birthright and then Accelerate Your Spiritual Healing.  These three books are the basic energy training course. Our latest book, Being at One with the Divine, is the training book for our 2014 webinar series.

NOTE: If you feel that your situation has not improved using the Healing Yourself From Within Webinars or the FHP, then it is likely that you may not be using the Petitions correctly.  Please click the 
HEALING HELP button to learn how we may help you and contact us by email where indicated.

OUR MASS CONSCIOUSNESS WEBINAR is offered on a periodic basis to address announced events or problems as they occur.  Click the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS button to the left to review the program and to register as a group volunteer if you want to help others.  You will be notified when there is an event that needs the group's help.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING - As a nonprofit teaching company, World Service Institute has published five healing books and several articles to help the public understand how to apply Divine Love in healing.  Click on the BOOKS and ARTICLES button to investigate the reference materials.  Four of the books are a comprehensive training course in energy healing with Divine Love.  Click the TRAINING PROGRAM button to the left to learn about the course.

DONATIONS - We gratefully accept DONATIONS to further our nonprofit teaching.  We are a Federally tax exempt 501 ( c ) (3) Nonprofit Public Charity.  Your donations are tax deductible. 


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